An independent provider of cardiovascular health care

In association with Phoenix Hospital Group


The Clinic & Consultations

The Cardiovascular Health Clinic is an independent provider of cardiac and circulatory health care. We understand that cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of illness and death in the developed world. As a result we are committed to delivering the best lifestyle advice, screening, preventive therapies, investigations and when necessary, treatments for specific conditions to optimise long term health and quality of life.

The clinic is committed to delivering specialist care that is tailored to and convenient for individuals’ lifestyles and the many commitments of modern life.

Tests & Investigations

Cardiovascular tests and investigations can be arranged, performed and reported at the Cardiovascular Health Clinic. Tests can be requested by your cardiologist or as ‘open access’ tests by your general practitioner or another Doctor by making contact with us on Tel: 020 7079 2102.

It is important for patients to understand that whether tests are performed for screening purposes or as part of the investigation of a medical problem, they should be requested appropriately. Results should be interpreted in the context of a clinical assessment so that the necessary steps if any are required can be taken with a mutually agreed management plan.


Much of the treatment of cardiovascular disease can be managed in house in the Cardiovascular Health Clinic with appropriate tests and, where necessary treatment with cardiovascular drugs. If however more complex treatment is needed, patients will be offered procedures at one of our partner institutions, either at a private hospital or at a specialist NHS Trust treating private patients. Management plans will always be based on mutual agreement between the individual and their specialist.